CRACKED Cover Reveal & Galleys & a Prize

I have a new love. I'd like to introduce you, but first let me set him up a bit. You know, build the excitement.

He's intriguing.




This love runs deep, and my husband isn't even jealous.

In fact, he's thrilled.

Dear readers, meet Mr. Cover!

Isn't he hot?

The Simon Pulse team is obviously filled with creative smarty pants because I would've never come up with something so awesome. In fact, when my editor asked me if I had any cover ideas I think I swallowed my gum. So, I'd like to publicly thank the geniuses who designed my cover!!!

Here's the back cover copy:
Victor hates his life. He's relentlessly bullied at school and his parents ridicule him for not being perfect. He's tired of being weak, so he takes a bottle of his mother's sleeping pills -- only to wake up in the hospital.

Bull is angry, and takes all of his rage out on Victor. He's the opposite of weak. And he's tired of his grandfather's drunken beatings, so he tries to defend himself with a loaded gun.

When Victor and Bull end up as roommates in the same psych ward, things go from bad to worse. Until they discover they just might have something in common: a reason to live.

And since I'm in such a sharing mood I thought I'd share one more photo. Me holding galley copies of my book. My editor kept their mailing to me a surprise, so when I walked up my front steps and saw a package on my doorstep I thought it was my vitamins. Yawn. Then I saw her name in the return address and said, "Nah, it couldn't be."

But sweet mother. It was.

Yes, I cried. Yes, I screamed. Yes, I jumped. Yes, I hugged the book. Yes. Yes. Yes. It is now one of those moments permanently seared into memory. A treasure.

According to the first page of the galley my release date is March 6, 2012. Another cool thing.

The book is dedicated to my mom - my surprise to her - so I jumped in the car with my boys and ran over to her house. She was excited to just see the book. I let her find the dedication on her own. She paged through the first two pages, reading every detail, and when she hit the dedication page her hand covered her mouth and her eyes went wide. "What's this?" she whispered.

I told her to just read it.

Tears. Lots of tears.

Now onto the prize part. If you help me spread the word about Mr. Cover (tweet, FB, blog, etc...) simply tell me your "sharing plans" in your comment and you will be officially entered to win your choice of:

- A query letter critique from yours truly
- A critique of your first five pages from yours truly
- A book of your choice from

I'll let the program The Hat randomly choose the winner on Monday, May 23, 2012. I figure it'll be a nice way to brighten that Monday.

The contest will end midnight EST, Sunday, May 22, 2012.

Thank you to anyone out there who helps build some exposure for Mr. Cover!!!

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