My EASY & Fun Winter beat the winter blues

Chances are that if you live anywhere in the U.S. , except perhaps Florida or Hawaii, you are ready for winter to end. I know I am. We're all home today -again - but this time it's not snow, it's ice.

Winter has effectively gone WILD! If Winter had a shirt it would indeed be lifted amidst hollers and hoots and whistles. I can't wait for Spring to come, all chaste and proper, and tell Winter to "Pull your shirt down and act like a lady!"

That groundhog said Spring will be early. We'll see.

In the meantime, to add a bit of fun to our winter doldrums, I thought an easy contest might be just the thing to lift our spirits.

Here's the deal:

It starts right now (Why the heck not? I was going to wait till mid February but we're desperate. Right? We need some sunny stuff now!).

To Enter - leave a comment telling me you've helped spread the word about the contest somewhere: your blog, Twitter, Facebook, your roof. I don't care. You can do all of those things if you're feeling uber saucy. Up to you. Just tell someone else. Some way.

And that's it.

The Winner - chosen randomly - by the program The Hat - on Valentine's Day in my dedicated effort to spread the love.

The Prizes - First Runner Up will win a custom made Apocalypsies tote bag filled with seven YA novels (pictures to follow in another post). And drum roll please...the Grand Prize is a First Chapter critique by my agent-extraordinaire Sarah LaPolla!!!

*If you are randomly chosen from The Hat and you are already agented, no worries, you will automatically win the tote bag o'books. See, I told you this was easy.

**Contest Ends midnight EST February 13th.

Thanks for joining in the fun.

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